Heather’s Guide to Hawaiian Dining

Hawaii has it all. From fabulous view to fabulous food, you can get anything you want in Hawaii. This site is dedicated to the food found in Hawaii. While there is definitely an Asian flair, Oahu is truly and international spot and that holds true for the cuisine as well. No matter what kind of food you are looking for, foodies will agree you can find it here.

How to Find Food on Heather’s Guide to Hawaiian Dining

This site is set up to make finding your favorite food easy. Here we will cover the easiest ways to find food on this site.

Search by Cuisine

The site is set up into categories of cuisine. If you know what cuisine you want, then simply click the picture above or the link along the side. From there, you will find a list of all the restaurants, diners and local eateries serving that cuisine. Click on the establishment to find the address and articles concerning its food.

Additionally, once you click on a category of cuisine, you will see multiple articles. The most recent reviews will be towards the top. These are in no particular order but you can skim through for ideas.

Search by Restaurant

At the top of the page, we have a search button. Simply type in the name of your favorite food chain or restaurant to find the location and reviews of your choice.

Search by Meal

If you are not sure what you want or if you want to try something new, type in Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner or Dessert into the search engine at the top. The search will scour our site for all the reviews associated with that meal. Again, click on an article to find the location and to read the review of the meal choice.